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signing of Stoudemire ensures that the Knicks don’t end up without anything to show for in this freeagency arms race, it would be seen as a major letdown from Knicks fans if Stoudemire isn’t paired with another star player.The addition of Stoudemire also likely means the end of fellow freeagent David Lee’s time in New York. While it’s (...) Stoudemire signing with the Knicks[/url]t...
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Andersen fits with the Raptors' ambition The Toronto Raptors announced yesterday that they had traded for Aussie big man David Andersen, giving up a 2015 second round draft pick and cash considerations to the Houston Rockets. Essentially the Rockets were moving Andersen out of a logjam up front, with indications being that he was unlikely (...) Bulls at Knicks scheduled for Christmas Day[/url] get minutes i...
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(and the few remaining Nets fans) would settle for simply not being the worst team of all time.The bottom half of the Eastern Conference playoff teams may not be the best teams in the world (especially compared to their crossconference counterparts), but each is surprisingly competitive and quite entertaining on some level or another. Plus, if (...) do the right thing, but that's not bringi[/url] youre ...
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