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has a surprise waiting for him when he gets to Jacksonville's training camp: a matchup in the "Oklahoma drill" against fellow Hawaiian and childhood friend Vince Manuwai.Alualu, the 10th overall pick in April's draft, ended a fiveday holdout Monday by agreeing to a fiveyear contract worth $28 million. The deal, which came a (...) president blasts rookie compensation ...
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overall out of Penn State, missed 24 practices and three of the Bills five preseason games by signing nearly a month after training camp opened. Then there was safety Donte Whitner, selected eighth overall in 2006, who missed eight days of camp.On the other hand, cornerback Leodis McKelvin (11th overall, 2008) missed only two days, while Lynch (...) look for big improvement with new returner[/url] (12th ove...
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solid 10 points and nine boards a game last season, with reasonable efficiency but he is vastly overpaid. Rebuilding without Paul would mean the Hornets would want to get rid of the Okafor contract, which would be an anchor on any rebuilding efforts (sort of like the Elton Brand contract is on Philadelphia). So finally the Hornets and Paul will sit (...) Thomas looking to tag along with Mavs again[/url] down facetof...
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both stated their intentions to be a part of Miami's team.There is no doubt that Pat Riley will have this team ready to contend by the time the NBA regular season tips off, but regardless of whom he finds to fill out the rest of the roster, there is fallacy in the logic of Miami as title favorites.The twotime defending champion Los Angeles (...) Bynum Is the Center of Truth in Miami Heat'[/url] Lakers hav...
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deleted, from its website in the blink of an eye. Why the cold feet? We can take a good guess, but it doesn’t exactly make sense. Yes, the story would kill anybody’s assumption that LeBron is a 68, 250pound Black Bob Ross, but nobody thought that in the first place. There wasn’t anything scandalous in the piece, just LeBron being a 25yearold (...) Next Step for Team USA[/url] millionaire at a party in Vegas. Of course he ...
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without losing a game. The Suns were able to put down an injuryriddled Portland Trail Blazers team and put together a surprising sweep against the lessthanimpressive San Antonio Spurs. While both teams felt great about their play through the first two rounds, neither of them traveled on a path that would instantly prepare them for the (...) arena changes name to 'Wells Fargo Center'[/url] that they would ...
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landing LeBron James, reports of a BoshWadeJames super team are deemed credible, Darko Milicic is offered a $20 million deal, Rudy Gay is considered a "max player," and Drew Gooden of all people gets a five year $32 million deal, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that anything is "possible." So stay with me on this for (...) (...) page Dwane Casey and Kevin McHale first i[/url...
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would love it, but the bigmarket owners wouldn't. It's not just a struggle between the owners and the players. It's a struggle between the owners and the other owners." The owners vs. owners issue comes up on another topic as well revenue sharing. NFL owners share revenue from local television deals and the gate at arenas in (...) Nelson is done, and the rest of his tenure mer[/url] a way NBA owners do not. ...
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