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the payroll to watch after Cousins, you don’t have to give him a basketball job. Like, was Hughley really on Paul Westphal’s radar as a potential assistant before the team drafted Cousins? … In case Celtics fans were gonna miss Tony Allen, Boston signed another version in Von Wafer. The last time we really heard from Von, he was doing good (...) Next Step for Team USA[/url] with the Rockets until he mouthed off at Rick Ad...
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next year.But the Hornets will be getting a hungry young coach in Williams. At 38yearsold, Williams will be the youngest head coach in the NBA. He has been an assistant for Blazers coach Nate McMillan for the past five seasons, and gained greater visibility this season after he took on more of the head coaching responsibilities while McMillan was (...) send David Andersen to Toronto[/url] restricted by an injury to his Ach...
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finger before he can join the Cats. Theres an interesting dynamic in play for the Bobcats. They were blasted early in the year for their offense, which was beyond wretched. But instead of compromising defensively in exchange for better offensive weapons, theyve simply added a veteran player with high usage rates with Stephen Jackson. Hughes is (...) campaigning for Crawford, Smith[/url] remarkably similar, a player that i...
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